January 2014

While Florida is mostly known from its beautiful beaches, golf courses and palm trees there are strong economical drivers that should get anyone’s attention. The workforce is hard working and industrious. With no personal income tax, Floridians are among those that have the highest income after state and local taxes, in the United States. Progressive business policies, innovative partnerships, and positive business climate (Florida voted 2nd best state to do business at CEO Magazine. Additionally Florida provides easy access to Latin and Central America. more

1. Innovation

Diverse Industry clusters include several world-class, highly specialized ones such as photonics/optics, modeling, simulation & training, next-generation biofuels, aerospace, medical devices, and others.
Dynamic R&D Activity and Innovation Center: federal and private research organizations spend more than $7 billion on R&D in Florida every year and that number continues to grow.

“If Florida were a country it would be the 22th largest economy in the word” more