Optimizing Opportunities

“If Florida were a country it would be the 22th largest economy in the word”

  • 19.9 million residents
  • Population has grown by nearly double the national population growth rate over the last two years
  • 86,5 million visitors annually, spending $67,2 billion in 2011
  • Consumer market 4th larges GDP in America, GDP $674 billion[1]
  • If Florida were a country it would be 22th largest economy in the world
  • Fourth largest workforce in the nation with 9.25 million workers; largest in Southeast
  • Fourth in the nation for total personal income
  • Florida’s per capita income of $39,636 ranks second the Southeast
  • The Finance, Insurance & Real Estate Industry contributes the largest share—more than $170.3 billion—to Florida’s economy, followed by the Trade, Transportation & Utilities Industry, which accounts for 19%.
  • Export $62.4 billion, 40% of the USA export to Latin America via South Florida
  • Florida is the third largest exporter of high-tech goods in the U.S. (after California and Texas), and reached more than $16.4 billion in 2011.
  • Leading destinations for Florida high-tech exports last year were: Brazil ($2.1 billion); Venezuela ($1.8 billion); Paraguay ($1.1 billion); Colombia ($857.7 million), and Chile ($827.3 million).
  • The leading high-tech export commodities were: Telecommunications Equipment accounting ($3.5 billion); Computers & Components ($2.8 billion); Office Machinery Parts ($1.5 billion); Printing Machinery & Parts ($1.1 billion), and Electronic Integrated Circuits ($959.3 million).
  • Highly educated workforce: 4th amongst all states for workers with bachelor’s degree
  • Unemployment rate 7.8% 2013
  • South Florida has extremely active Finnish population, with some estimating some 20, 000 Finns living in the region. During winter months the population races even higher with “ snowbirds” flocking from the northern states, Canada and Finland.

More economic indicators in Appendix B.


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